Looking back at the vEMIM 2020 | 24-28 August 2020

RECORDINGS of PLENARY & EDUCATIONAL Lectures are NOW availble via your Member Portal!

Not unexpected but with a heavy heart and much regret, the EMIM 2020 needed to be held fully virtual. Being aware that a virtual edition cannot simply replace meeting all of you in person, we can just express our sincere and proud gratitude:

On behalf of the Congress President Giannis Zacharakis and the entire ESMI Board and EMIM Committees, we would like to THANK YOU: thanks for getting through this extraordinary edition of the 15th EMIM with us. It has been “a new challenge and experience for the society”, participation and interaction exceeded by far our expectations and certainly shows the particular dedication of the community.

Without doubt, we would have loved meeting you in person in Thessaloniki, looking around the welcome lounge and recognizing exited, familiar faces but it was not meant to be. Even more we appreciate your participation and commitment and hope you have enjoyed the meeting as well.

Plenary Lectures

  • Vasilis Ntziachristos - Munich, Germany
    Optical and Optoacoustic imaging: the revolution of label free observations
  • Dara Kraitchman - Baltimore, USA
    Stem Cells and Embolics: Is seeing where you are and have been important?
  • Mikhail Shapiro, Pasadena, USA
    Talking to Cells: Biomolecular Engineering for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function
  • Anne Rios - Utrecht, NL
    Investigating the Cellular Dynamics of Organ Development and Cancer using 3D Imaging

Recordings of all Plenary and Educational Lectures are NOW available via your ESMI membership portal!


Traditionally the first EMIM day is dedicated to EDUCATIONAL & STUDY GROUP SESSIONS.

Educational Sessions 2020:

  • Principles of the Chemistry of Imaging Probes
  • Image Processing & Reconstruction
  • Neuroimaging: in vivo and ex vivo Imaging Modalities from Preclinical to Clinical Applications
  • Developments in Nuclear Imaging Techniques

+ one educational SPOTLIGHT SYMPOSIUM:

  • Theranostics: Image-guided surgery, drug delivery and radionuclide therapy

Study Group Sessions 2020:

  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Oncoimmunology & Therapy
  • X-ray based Imaging - X-RAY
  • Standardization of Small Animal Imaging - STANDARD
  • Molecular Neuro-Imaging - NEURO
  • Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance - HYPER-MR
  • Image-Guided Drug Delivery - IGDD
  • Intra-Operative Imaging - IOI
  • Imaging Mass Spectrometry - IMS


    24 Parallel Sessions were filled with your abstract submissions:

    PS 01

    Imaging the Tumour Microenvironment

    PS 02

    Microscopy, Optical Imaging, Near-Infrared Imaging & Raman Spectroscopy Technologies

    PS 03

    Late-breaking Pitches | Cancer

    PS 04

    Imaging Infection

    PS 05

    PET Probes: New Tracers & Applications

    PS 06

    Imaging of Brain Receptors, Structure & Function

    PS 07

    Intra-Operative Imaging

    PS 08

    Imaging Metabolism

    PS 09

    Imaging Cancer Therapy

    PS 10

    Novel Optical, Acoustic & Optoacoustic Probes - from Imaging to Therapy

    PS 11

    MRI, MRS & Hyperpolarization Technologies

    PS 12

    Imaging of Cardiovascular Disease

    PS 13

    New Tools for Cancer Imaging

    PS 14

    MRI: New Probes & Applications

    PS 15

    Late-breaking Pitches | Imaging Strategies

    PS 16

    Data Processing & Quantification

    PS 17

    PET, CT & Multimodal Imaging Technologies

    PS 18

    Imaging Inflammatory Response

    PS 19

    Disease Models for Translational Neuroimaging

    PS 20

    Imaging Cancer

    PS 21

    Cancer Detection

    PS 22

    Multimodal Imaging Probes

    PS 23

    Novel Methods in Neuroimaging

    PS 24

    Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies

    EMIM 2019 Poster Awards

    30 thematic poster walks were scheduled comprising 30 thematic Poster Walks Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons and resulted into an EMIM 2020 poster award.