yESMI Groups???

Who we are and what we aim for - check out our video below:

  • Introduction by the ESMI Board Member Tim Witney
  • 00:50 Belgium
  • 02:37 The Netherlands
  • 03:31 France
  • 04:52 Germany
  • 05:55 UK
  • 06:57 Spain

young ESMI groups | enlarge your professional network

A youngESMI group is part of the ESMI focusing on a region/country but is not limited to. A yESMI group is initiated by students and young researcher and open to all young members of the ESMI. It is a “bottom-up” initiative which shall promote the formation of a regional network of young imaging scientists and provide an easy entry into the field and the ESMI. youngESMI groups should not compete with ESMI or its activities, but rather be complementary. The group activities shall differ from the ones the ESMI itself is offering.