TOPIM | Hot Topics in Molecular Imaging

TOPIM is the annual Winter Conference of the European Society for Molecular Imaging. TOPIM stands for “hot TOPics in molecular IMaging”. Our effort is to concentrate on one aspect at the forefront of Imaging Science, a hot topic. Since 2007, TOPIM is an annual event aiming at covering an exciting aspect of application or technique of imaging science chosen according to its pertinence and timeliness, bringing together scientists with different backgrounds and foster knowledge exchange between the generations.


Looking back at the hot topics of the previous years:

2020:    Imaging Immunity

2019:    Imaging the Biomechanics of Life

2018:    Imaging Metabolism

2017:    Neuroimaging

2016:    Cardiovascular Imaging

2015:    Imaging Inflammation

2014:    Imaging the Development



2011:    Emerging Imaging Methods in Medicine

2010:    Imaging and Systems Biology

2009:    Dual and Innovative Imaging Modalities

2008:    Imaging in Nano Objects

2007:    Imaging in Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation

TOPIM aims at bringing scientists from various fields together and providing a “think tank” to foster new ideas and inter-disciplinary cross connections through discussions between participants. By combining expert descriptions of the most up-to-date imaging technologies and/or applications TOPIM contributes in collectively describing the imaging approaches, categorizing them and drawing the landscape of in vivo imaging applied to a specific scientific issue.