Thanks for a great winter conference on "IMAGING INFLAMMATION", for the open-minded and inspiring discussions - for a fantastic week in the French Alps! Take a look into the programme



Overall concept

Since 2007 the overall concept of TOPIM has been that experienced, high-level international scientists and younger/less experienced scientists from diverse disciplines are spending one week together at an inspiring place and to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion.

Presentations are held during the morning and early evening; so that there are plenty of opportunities for continued scientific discussions also in the afternoon.


For the biologist, inflammation is the consequence of contributions from a plurality of cells and a growing list of mediators, cytokines and receptors; for the medical doctor, inflammation is key to innate immunity and to the pathogenicity of major diseases; for the imaging scientist, the hallmarks of acute inflammation are masked by a vascular uproar and the hallmarks of chronic inflammation hallmarks are blurred. Two thousand years after the clinical description of the cardinal signs of inflammation by Celsius (rubor et tumor cum calor et dolor), the appraisal of this ubiquitous phenomenon remains a conundrum of complexity and a major technical, scientific and medical challenge. Nevertheless, in vivo imaging approaches are opening new windows on the actors of inflammation, and showing that their concerted partition depends on context, location, duration, extent and tight relationships with other reactional processes.

During TOPIM 2015 “Imaging of Inflammation”, specialists from all fields of imaging sciences will share their expertise on new imaging approaches, confront recent results and discuss future avenues on how to tackle the multiple aspects of inflammation and distinguish the good, the bad and the ugly.


Join and bring your stone to the great ambition:

O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend

The brightest heaven of invention,

A kingdom for a stage, princes to act

And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!

(William Shakespeare, Henry V)

(Abstract) Topics

  • Auto Immunity
  • Cancer Immune Cell Therapy
  • Immunity & Inflammation
  • Immune-Cell Response
  • Micro-Bio Immunity
  • Neuro-Inflammation
  • Organ Transplantation
  • Others

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