Looking back at the EMIM 2016 | 8-10 March in Utrecht

THANKS for a great EMIM 2016 - thanks for your participation, for your excellent science, the open-minded discussions at and around the EMIM!


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EMIM 2016 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. ALL abstracts | look inside

The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal  


Date: 08-10 MARCH 2016

Venue: Jaarbeurs "Supernova" congress center

Jaarbeursplein 1, Utrecht

The Netherlands

Plenary Lectures

  • Sir Peter Ratcliffe - Oxford
    The biology of hypoxia signalling pathways

  • Wilem Mulder - New York/Amsterdam
    Nanomedicine and Imaging in Inflammatory Atherosclerosis
  • Gitte Moos Knudsen - Copenhagen
    Multimodality brain imaging of drug interventions
  • Mickael Tanter - Paris
    Beating Space and Time resolution limits in Biomedical Ultrasound
  • Martin Schwarz - Bonn
    Charting Neuronal Networks at Cellular Resolution in Intact, Cleared Mouse Brain by Light Sheet Microscopy
  • ESMI Award Winner 2016: Peter Friedl - Nijmegen/Houston
    Preclinical intravital microscopy: identification and targeting of cancer resistance niches

  • PhD award winner 2015: Anoek Zomer - Utrecht
    Intravital imaging of plasticity during tumor growth and metastasis

Recordings of Plenary & Educational Lectures

The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal 

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Parallel Sessions

Each of the 19 parallel sessions (except of the late-breaking session) started with an overview talk followed by five talks selected from the excellent abstract submissions.

The 19 Parallel Sessions:

    • PS 01 | Nuclear and CT Imaging | Methods & Technology
    • PS 02 | Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging Strategies in Oncology
    • PS 03 | Imaging of Neuroinflammation
    • PS 04 | Novel MRI-based Probes
    • PS 05 | Novel Nuclear Imaging Probes
    • PS 06 | Visualization of Tumour and the Microenvironment
    • PS 07 | Optoacoustics and Ultrasound | Technology & Methods
    • PS 08 | Functional and molecular Neuro-Imaging
    • PS 09 | MRI and MPI | Technology & Methods
    • PS 10 | Tumour Metabolism
    • PS 11 | Immunology - Inflammatory Responses & Infectious Disease
    • PS 12 | Vascular Molecular Imaging
    • PS 13 | Late-breaking Session
    • PS 14 | Advanced Optical and Mass Spectrometry Imaging Technology
    • PS 15 | Immunology - Cellular Imaging & Infectious Disease
    • PS 16 | Molecular Imaging of Myocardium and Atherosclerosis
    • PS 17 | Antibodies, Nanoparticles and Small Molecules for Diagnosis and Therapy in Oncology
    • PS 18 | Novel PET/OA/US Imaging and Reporter Probes
    • PS 19 | New Methods in Neuroimaging

      EMIM 2016 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. all abstracts | look inside

      EMIM 2015 Educational Sessions

      Focus on Study Groups!

      The four educational sessions were organized by four of the six ESMI Study Groups:

      • Molecular Neuroimaging: From pretty colors to hard numbers
      • Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance
      • Image-Guided Drug Delivery
      • Current and Future Strategies for Theranostic Multimodality Intraoperative Imaging

      The Mass Spectrometry and Standardization Study Groups organized educational sessions in 2014/15. All study groups held a study group meeting in Utrecht.

      Contributing partner societies

      We are happy about the ESMI's long-term co-operation with the European Society for Radiology – ESR, the European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging in Radiology - ESMOFIR, and the European Association for Nuclear Medicine – EANM and the European Microscopy Society - EMS! They contributed to the EMIM 2016 programme by organizing "Best of" focus sessions - THANKS a lot!


      • Cardiology | Frank Bengel - Hannover, Gustav Strijkers - Amsterdam, Johanna Silvola - Turku
      • Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes | Dario Longo - Torino, Roger Schibli - Zurich
      • Imaging Technology, Methodology & Software | Paul Lecoq - Geneva, Sarah Bohndiek - Cambridge, Jan B. Hoevener - Freiburg
      • Immunology/Inflammation | Manfred Kneiling - Tübingen, Mangala Srinivas - Nijmegen
      • Infectious Diseases | Uwe Himmelreich - Leuven, Stefan Wiehr - Tübingen
      • Oncology | Frauke Alves - Göttingen, Ferdia Gallagher - Cambridge
      • Neurology | Cornelius Faber - Münster, Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere - Antwerp
      • Education | Adriaan Lammertsma - Amsterdam & Giannis Zacharakis - Crete

      Thanks for your participation & contribution!





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