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The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal (tab Media)!

EMIM 2015 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. ALL abstracts | look inside

Kupferbau Tuebingen


Date: 18-20 MARCH 2015

Venue: Kupferbau Tübingen

Hölderlinstraße 5

72074 Tübingen


Plenary Lectures

Nathalie Agar - Boston
  • Nathalie Agar - Boston
    Molecular Imaging using Mass Spectrometry for Image Guided Surgery and Drug Development
  • Jeff Bulte - Baltimore
    MR imaging of inflammation: Can we go beyond the macrophage as primary target?
  • Simon Cherry - UC Davis
    From whole-body to total-body PET: How to achieve a 40-fold increase in sensitivity and what to do with it
  • Juri Gelovani - Wayne State
    From Molecular-Genetic to Epigenetic Molecular Imaging and Beyond
  • Zaal Kokaia - Lund
    Morphological and electrophysiological imaging of stem cells for stroke therapy
  • Patricia Price - London
    Future Need and Current Challenges for PET in Oncology
  • PhD award winners 2014:
    Giuseppe Ferrauto
    - Torino
    Development of highly sensitive probes for applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in molecular medicine &
    Pouyan Mohajerani - Munich
    Robust Methods and Algorithms for Fluorescence Imaging and Tomography

Recordings of Plenary & Educational Lectures

The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal (tab Media)! 

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Parallel Sessions

For the first time 20 parallel sessions have been scheduled to provide you with a broader spectrum of topics and a session of interest at any time. Each parallel session (except the late-breaking sessions I+II) started with an overview talk of about 25 min. followed by five talks selected from the excellent abstract submissions.

The 20 Parallel Sessions:

  • PS 01 | Novel Probes for Multifaceted MRI
  • PS 02 | Nuclear Medicine - Technology & Methods
  • PS 03 | Imaging Tumour Metabolism and Cell Death
  • PS 04 | Brain Structure and Disease
  • PS 05 | MRI incl. Hyperpolarization - Technology & Methods
  • PS 06 | late-breaking I
  • PS 07 | New Concepts and Agents for Multimodality Imaging
  • PS 08 | Theranostics and image guided surgery in oncology
  • PS 09 | Infectious Diseases & Cellular Imaging in Inflammation
  • PS 10 | Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging
  • PS 11 | Visualization of Tumour and the Microenvironment
  • PS 12 | Optical imaging, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy - Technology & Methods
  • PS 13 | Brain Function
  • PS 14 | Inflammatory Responses
  • PS 15 | Applications of Novel Imaging Techniques
  • PS 16 | Novel Diagnostic Imaging Strategies in Oncology
  • PS 17 | Novel Nuclear and Optical Imaging Probes
  • PS 18 | Optoacoustics and Ultrasound - Technology & Methods
  • PS 19 | late-breaking II
  • PS 20 | Image-Guided Drug Delivery

EMIM 2015 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. all abstracts | look inside

EMIM 2015 Educational Sessions

4 educational sessions in parallel were scheduled for Wednesday 18 March from 12:30h-15:30h.


The EMIM 2015 educational sessions and organizers:

1) Imaging, genomics and tumour heterogeneity

organized by Kevin Brindle, Cambridge

2) Multi-modality and Hybrid Imaging Equipment

organiszed by Sibylle Ziegler, Munich

3) Standardisation: Instrumentation, data analysis, imaging protocols
organized by Marc Huisman, Amsterdam

4) Biology and Imaging of inflammation and immunology

organizedby Michel Eisenblätter, London/Münster

Contributing partner societies & respective sessions

We are happy about the ESMI's long-term co-operation with the European Society for Radiology – ESR, the European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging in Radiology - ESMOFIR, and the European Association for Nuclear Medicine – EANM and the European Microscopy Society - EMS! They contributed to the EMIM 2015 programme by co-organizing focus sessions - THANKS a lot!

  • New modalities moving step toward clinical translation (ESR/ESMOFIR)
  • First in human studies (EANM)
  • Correlative Microscopy - Bridging imaging modalities (EMS)

Programme (Vice) Chair and congress secretary

ESMI President & EMIM 2015 Programme Chair

Bernd Pichler - Tübingen, Germany

Programme Vice Chair

Fabian Kiessling - Aachen, Germany

Congress Secretary

Kristina Fischer - Tübingen, Germany


Category chairs (italic) and subchairs formed one team responsible for the representation and evaluation of "their" category:

  • Cardiology | Dominique Le Guldec - Paris, Johanna Silvola - Turku, Fabien Hyafil, Paris, René Botnar London, Frank Bengel Hannover
  • Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes | Dario Longo - Torino, Roger Schibli - Zurich, Nicolas Beziere - Munich, Fijs van Leeuwen - Leiden, Sophie Laurent - Mons
  • Imaging Technology, Methodology & Software | Paul Lecoq - Geneva, Sarah Bohndiek - Cambridge, Jan B. Hoevener - Freiburg, Ryan Mewis - York, Simon Cherry - UC Davis, Mickael Tanter - Paris, Vyacheslav Kalchenko - Rehovot, Srirang Manohar - Twente, Andy Harvey - Glasgow
  • Immunology/Inflammation | Jolanda de Vries - Nijmegen, Manfred Kneiling - Tübingen, Kerstin Fuchs - Tübingen, Reinhard Meier - Munich, Laura Mezzanotte - Leiden, Henryk Fass - Nottingham
  • Infectious Diseases | Uwe Himmelreich - Leuven, Stefan Wiehr - Tübingen, Anna-Maria Rolle - Tübingen, Greetje Vande Velde - Leuven
  • Oncology | Frauke Alves - Göttingen, Ferdia Gallagher - Cambridge, Francois Lassailly - London, Katarina Wolf - Nijmegen, Joanna Napp - Goettingen, Dorde Komljenovic - Heidelberg, Andreas Schmid - Tübingen, David Lewis - Cambridge, Timothy Witney - Stanford, Wiltrud Lederle - Aachen, Emmet McCormack - Bergen, Lucie Sancey - Lyon, Marcel Krüger - Tubingen, James Hardwick - Leiden, Pierre Bourgeois - Bruxelles, Bertrand Tavitian - Paris, Ingrid Hilger - Jena, Adriaan Lammertsma - Amsterdam
  • Neurology | Mathias Hoehn - Cologne, Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere - Antwerp, Tracy Farr - Berlin, Cindy Casteels - Leuven, Hans Wehrl - Tübingen, Elisabeth Jonckers - Antwerp, Cornelius Faber - Münster, Jan Klohs - Zurich
  • Education | Adriaan Lammertsma - Amsterdam & Giannis Zacharakis - Crete

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