yESMInar Recordings

yESMInar - Focus on young Imaging Science

Every third Wednesday at 15.00h one yESMI group organizes a 45 minutes webinar named "yESMInar - Focus on young Imaging Science" highlighting the work of one young imaging scientists. You missed a live webinar? Watch recordings:


Talk Title:Harnessing Radiometals Properties for Innovative Approaches in Radionuclide Imaging

Speaker: Cinzia Imberti, Warwick

Senior Expert/PI: Jason Holland, Zurich

Organizer: British young ESMI Group

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Talk Title: Imaging of Infection, Inflammation and Tumour Immunology with Radiopharmaceuticals

Organizer: Spanish young ESMI Group

Speaker: Filippo Galli, Rome

Senior Expert/PI: Greetje Vande Velde, Leuven

Organized by the Spanish youngESMI Group

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CANCER IMAGING | edition #2

Talk Title: Multimodal Imaging for Preclinical Tumour Characterization and Nanoparticle Validation

Speaker: Sarah Belderbos, Tübingen

Senior Expert/PI: Tim Witney, London

Organized by the Belgium young ESMI Grou

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THERANOSTIC | edition #1

Talk Title: Theranostics of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia using exendin-based tracers

Speaker: Marti Boss, Nijmegen

PI/Discussion Lead: Roger Schibli, Zurich/Villingen

Chairs: Marieke Stammes, René Raave, Ruud Ramakers

Organized by the Dutch young ESMI Group

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